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Insurers and their customers

It’s time for Insurance companies to really start to know their customer and increase their profit by using behavioural data!

The rapid growth of social media and personal technology has given insurance companies and employers swaths of data they can access to analyse customers or prospects.

It is safe to assume that most insurers have a certain inclination of how their customer behaves. This is mostly based on purchasing behaviour, app use or any other sort of historic quantitative data collected through the interaction between your customer and you.

But algorithms do not have feelings, morals, and ethics. They do not understand jokes, sarcasm, humour, love, care, and empathy. They try to make a complex world one-dimensional. The trouble of quantitative data analytics is that it approaches and assesses a contradictory world with statistical and mathematical models that are blind for the complexity and dialectics of society and human behaviour.

There is a new way to really start to know your customer !

Now what would happen if we could help you out with a real insight in customer behaviour?

A picture of your customer that would show their development, culture and profile? No, not a profile based on econometrics, purchase behaviour, time series, or some sort of categorization of customer relationships and their communities like so many others can offer you. We are talking about a real behavioural profile!

Allow us to elaborate, our analytic engine has the ability to extract key data points from the interactions between you and your client or between user groups on social media or any variety thereof. By interactions we mean text (i.e. email, voice, social media etc.). Our analysis will then show you what sort of culture your client has developed, what level their development is at (from a soft skill perspective) and what kind of personality they show. We can show you the real behaviour of your client!

What would be the benefits for your organisation? Well, imagine that every marketing message with which you approach your client, is setup in such a way that it would automatically appeal to them.

Can you imagine what a system like this would mean for your targeted content marketing, your customer engagement, - retention and - loyalty?

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Marc Peter Geijtenbeek

Rob Agterberg

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