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Customer engagement or not?

However, measuring customer satisfaction via increased customer engagement? Not as logical as it seems. Read on.

Have you ever wondered what motivates you to shop at certain companies or stores? No doubt convenience is one of the obvious reasons, but have you ever wondered which emotional motivators really drive you to be someone’s customer? Are you even aware of those? We all know that language is a way to express our emotions -it is something we do on a daily basis - but does this affect how we 'feel' and what we do and can it possibly be influenced?

Some people are motivated by incentives or rewards whilst others are not. Now we don’t want to suggest you test the dopamine levels of your customers. We do however suggest you measure what they say and how they say it. No doubt you have once participated in a customer or employee satisfaction survey. The issue there is of course the difference between what is said and what is actually meant. This is especially so in the case of the customer journey. Emotional connections customers have with your services or products change during their customer journey.

No matter what you sell, you use marketing in some form to try to influence potential customers to buy by using language or images. That is where our analytics comes in. A lot of data is available today, data on and from suspects, prospects and customers. Analysing their data-sets will give you insight to the personality traits (big five etc.) of your target or customer group. As there is ample evidence on the links between personality and motivation, it is not hard to imagine what would happen to your customer base when you identify what really drives and motivates your existing customer base. Now that will truly increase your customer and prospect engagement!

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